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Have you noticed the below signs from your children?

  • Easily feeling tired after revising for some time? 
  • Can't remember easily after studied?
  • Can't concentrate on studies?
  • Feeling pressurized during the examination?
  • Not motivated to study on their own?




Here are some of the problems your children might face if you didn’t help them to solve it.

  • Poor memory capabilities
  • Lack of focus and concentration
  • Feeling pressurized during the examination
  • Unable to organized school notes effectively
  • Poor time management plans


We have the right solution for the above problems. Give your children the right learning foundation that they need with GeniusBrain's Advanced Learning Strategies e-Course.


       e-COURSE DETAILS | 

  1. One year access
  2. Two months of self-learning Online Course.
  3. 26 Lessons of Learning Strategies.
  4. Exclusive Guidance through Coaching Videos.
  5. Exclusive Relaxation Music For Study.
  6. Online attachment materials for self-print out.
  7. One set of Learning Materials will be couriered (within Malaysia)*.
  8. Self-evaluation through a short quiz upon completion of the e-course.
  9. 2 Webinar sessions upon completion of the e-course.
  10. Inclusive of 1 session of Live Online Group Coaching for 2 hours with the Master Trainer.
  11. E-Certificate of Completion. 


When you enrol in the Advanced Learning Strategies e-course, you will get the keys to...

  1. Recall easily during an examination
  2. Reduce examination stress
  3. Be in tip-top learning condition anytime you want
  4. Be motivated to study on your own
  5. Able to produce your own notes
  6. Take note effectively during a school lesson
  7. Manage your own time
  8. Save more time with the right learning methods
  9. Relax your mind anytime you want
  10. Enjoy your study time
  11. And much more. 


With the Advanced Learning Strategies e-course, you will be able to Excel in your study in no time! Just follow our step by step methods. 


Below Are Some of GeniusBrain Activities

We have developed a new way of learning for students through GeniusBrain eSchool. It's an easy and convenient learning platform for students as they can easily access and learn at any time. Through our Advanced Learning Strategies e-Course, it will help students to enhance their learning potentials and become more Advanced Learners than their peers.

The process of joining us is simple. Just Sign up with us online and make payment through PayPal! And if you are from Malaysia, a student’s study pack will be delivered to you through courier service. Make sure you fill up your right address and contact number.

We welcome you to be an Advance Student.

Remember, Don’t Waste Your Time Studying Using The Wrong Methods! 

Since 1999, GeniusBrain has been developing and teaching-learning strategies to students by using Accelerated Teaching Methods. We pride ourselves as one of the pioneers in Accelerated Learning and Teaching with over 20 years of experience in coaching students with effective and proven methods of learning. Thousands of students already benefited from the Proven Advanced Learning Strategies and its now available at learning centres in 8 countries worldwide.

Welcome to GeniusBrain eSchool where you will Learn to Master the Learning Skills. Enjoy and Experience the transformation in you after taking our Advanced Learning Strategies course.


Advanced Learning Strategies Comprehensive Materials Softcopy for Download and Printing


GB Team

Since 1999, GeniusBrain has been established to provide New Learning Technology to students worldwide. Currently, GeniusBrain Learning System is available in 8 countries worldwide namely Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, Cambodia, United Kingdom, Brunei, Oman and Bahrain.

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